Jalten Character Profile: Tals Valnorian, Captain of the Valnorian Fleet.

I didn’t make this picture. I used it as inspiration when I created Tals.

Short Backstory:

Tals is the firstborn son of Maron, the king of Valnoria. During his earliest years, he was extremely close with his mother, spending his days with her in the castle, while his father went off to lead the warriors against the Mulwutar rebels. He learned to appreciate the arts and music his mother taught him. When he was seven, he began his training to become a warrior. He grew to become an excellent wielder of the sword, but he was also intrigued by the mysteries of the sea. At the age of ten, he joined the Valnorian Fleet and left his home behind, training the arts of sailing and combat at the sea. He spent four years at the sea, not seeing his family in that time, which was a traumatic experience to him.

When he returned, he was already fourteen and when he walked into his home, he was greeted with his family. His mother, with tears in her eyes, introduced Tals to his little sister and little brother, Dianil and Loral. Tals was more than happy for this gift the gods had granted him and from that point on, he loved his siblings with all his heart.

A few months passed before Tals left to the seas once again. He was 16 at the time and considered to be a grown man. He said his goodbyes to his siblings, to his father, and most importantly, to his mother.

By the time he came back, he sensed certain darkness in the air. His home felt empty, cursed by some evil force and as he made his way into his family’s castle, he learned the reason for this. His father sat on his throne, heartbroken and fallen into dark thoughts. With tears in his eyes, he told Tals his mother had died. He had returned to assist his Mulwutar allies in their battle against the Rebels and on the way, his party was ambushed and his mother died in Maron’s arms.

This event shook Tals to the core. Some say they noticed a sudden change in the prince. He became cold, stoic, yet keeping his skilled and professional modesty. After this even, arguments rose between him and his father as they had conflicting opinions on the political situation of their kingdom. Tals hated his father’s sudden change to a more passive leader, thus, he left the capital and built a new home to himself in an island, located at the end of the Bay of Kings. There, he led the Valnorian Fleet in their countless discoveries while planning his actions when he would become king.


Tals is a stoic and a cold man, rarely showing his emotions to people. He keeps a modest and professional attitude in every area of his life. This reflects his clothing and his manner of movement. He prefers to keep his left hand behind his back, like a true gentleman. He dresses in bright blue clothes with dozens of golden decorations. Though some say he’s a spoiled man, he’s far from an unskilled child. Though he might not look like it due to his way of clothing, he’s an excellent fighter and a master tactician. He’s a master sailor and commands most of the Valnorian Fleet, which has over a thousand ships in it.

My Plans For The Character:

Tals will be a complicated character. He wants to do good, yet due to his stoic personality, he ends up hurting those he cares about. I have big twists and plans for him and naturally, I can’t share them with you right now. So you must read the books when they come out 😉

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