Jalten Character Profile: Zylron, The White Crow

I didn’t make this picture. It served as inspiration while I created Zylron

Zylron is the second son of Lord Dravok and prince of the Yrtulian Kingdom of the north.

Short Backstory:

Zylron is the son of the Northern King Dravok Yrtul. During his birth, the sorcerer who read the future of the royal children told Dravok that Zylron would never be a great warrior like his firstborn would. This angered Dravok, but he was mostly disappointed. In the north, brute strength was kept in the highest regard. This originates from the times of Lord Yrtun himself, who was known to be a brutal, yet effective warrior.

At the age of eleven, Zylron lost his right leg in an accident. This forced him to start using a staff to walk and the sorcerers claimed that he would never walk normally again. Dravok saw this as a fulfilment of the Sorcerer’s prophecy, which enraged him. He killed the Sorcerer, trying to learn to live with his son, but after his firstborn’s death, he began to hate Zylron. From that day, Dravok has ignored his son, only talking to him in anger. Zylron has hated him ever since.


Zylron is not a strong warrior or a skilled user of the sword, thus, he focused on reading, writing, and different kinds of magic. His mother taught him the magic of the Moon and Sun but pressured him to keep her teachings a secret.

Zylron loves history and poetry. He spends his days reading and his nights writing in the faint light of the candles.

Though he has been hated by his family and his people, he still has a kind and loving heart, though he hides it behind a cold mask he wears every day. He uses poetry as a way to channel his true self onto paper.

Zylron is a kind, intelligent, cunning, and magically skilled man. He has learned to live with his broken leg, using it as a way to make him look weaker than he really is. He’s a romantic soul, though he rarely shows his affections to others, for he’s afraid of being hurt.

My plans for this character:

Zylron will be one of, if not the most important character in my story. In the first book, he will face great challenges, (and they are something I can’t tell you yet, because of spoilers).

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