Join My Conquest Of Fantasy And Glory!

Greetings, my fellow writers and other creative wizards! I have some exciting news for ya!

As I’ve said before, I’ve started working on the first book in my Jalten series! I’m extremely excited about this, for this project has been my beautiful baby for over six years now! Now that I’ve actually started, I’ve come to realize a few things.

First of all, I need a lot of help as I write!

I need many more eyes to read my chapters as I write in order for them to turn out well! One of the key things I learned from writing my first book was to take your time and build a platform of beta readers to review my work!

If you enjoy vast fantasy stories and dozens of intriguing characters, comment your thoughts down below or send me an email or a DM on Instagram! I’m currently building my beta reader group and you’d be more than welcome to join!

Second of all, I need to build a financial web.

Writing is hard work and it takes a long time to complete. The sad truth is, the book won’t make money when it’s still being written. This is why I’ll create some form of funding for my project! I’ve yet to decide which platform I’ll use. It may be Patreon, or it may be Kickstarter. The only thing I know is that I require funding to bring my dream alive! I need a lot of art for my book as well. Thus, I’m asking for your help! If you know anything about these funding platforms, please comment on your tips and thoughts! I’d love to hear what you think of them.

When I’ve gotten my platform done, I’ll inform you all about it! Until that day, you can support me and my writing by buying my latest book, The Battle of the Broken Mind! It’s only 14.99, but I can guarantee the story will have a positive effect on your life! Buy it to a friend or a relative who’s struggling with mental problems, for the book will help them with it, in a way or another!

With these words, I invite you to join my journey! Follow me on Instagram to get a more in-depth look in my creative life and subscribe to my Youtube channel to find more writing content!

If you enjoyed this post, share it with your friends, like it, and follow my blog for more posts! My sincerest thanks to all of you!

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