Friday Update! News About My Writing, Socials, And Youtube Channel!

Cheers, my fellow writers and other creative wizards! It has been a while since I posted on my blog and I apologise for that! I’ve been extremely busy during the past few weeks and I’ve worked on so many things at once that it was near impossible to save time to write here! Don’t worry though, I’m now continuing with my weekly posts! I’ve gotten many new followers and I must say, Thank you so much! Seeing that you enjoy my posts warms my heart more than you can ever imagine and it really is the gold of my days! From the depths of my heart, Thank you to all the new and old followers! Let’s grow this blog together and create a wonderful community! 

So, about the news. I’ve started my Youtube channel! I’m creating Author Vlogs, Writing Guides and all kinds of writing-related content! Today, I’m creating a video about Writer’s Block and how to defeat it, so if you’d need some help with that cursed disease, check out my channel and click that beautiful red button!

I’ve actually wanted to start a Youtube channel since I was 13, but I never had the confidence to start! I didn’t know what I wanted to post about, but that thing has changed now! I know what I want to do with my life and I’m more than happy to create blog posts and videos about it!

Next thing: I’ve started writing the First Book in the Jalten Series! I don’t know the name for it yet, but I was thinking something along the lines of, “Jalten: The Rise of the North!” or something. Comment down what you think of that!

So far, I’ve written three chapters and I’m so happy with my progress! I’m still looking for beta readers, so if you’re interested in vast fantasy worlds and interesting characters, send me a message on Instagram or write me an email, or even just comment your desire! The first few beta readers will get free signed copies of the book when it’s done! 

I’m going to write weekly updates, in which I’m telling what I wrote, how much I wrote and how well I’ve done in general!

Next thing: I’ve sent my latest book, The Battle of the Broken Mind to an agent! I’m so excited about this! I kind of forgot my book when I published it, but now that I’ve gone back to it, I remember why I wrote it in the first place! It’s a story that deserves to be read and spread around the world and you can help me in this mission! Check out my book, buy a copy for yourself and spread the word! All help is highly appreciated!

This will do for today! More post will come and I’ve been planning new short stories for you to enjoy!

If you’d like to join my journey of fantastic stories and world-changing ideas, follow my blog, like this post, and check out my Instagram and Youtube! See you in a few days, my fellow writers and other creative wizards!

I’ve become the White Wizard of Finland!

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