Jalten Character Profile: Rakul Yrtuk, Prince of the North

for one glance at the text was enough to turn his mind dark. He fears his father is completely lost in this magic, but to this day, he serves his people loyally...

Jalten Character Profile: Dianil, Light of Valnoria

Until the day her mother died. Maron had left the capital and crossed the continent of Charital. He was going to assist his ally, Thorald in his war against the rebels and during his months-long trip, his wife was...

Jalten Character Profile: Mehron, the Guardian of Aronailos

The skies turned dark and blood began raining down as thunder broke out. Akretsu had arrived and he had started the battle against Amtor and Shinara, the Gods protecting the realm...

Jalten Character Profile: Tals Valnorian, Captain of the Valnorian Fleet.

His home felt empty, cursed by some evil force and as he made his way into his family's castle, he learned the reason for this. His father sat on his throne, heartbroken and fallen into dark thoughts...

Jalten Character Profile: Zylron, The White Crow

At the age of eleven, Zylron lost his right leg in an accident. This forced him to start using a staff to walk and the sorcerers claimed that he would never walk normally again.

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Friday Update! News About My Writing, Socials, And Youtube Channel!

Cheers, my fellow writers and other creative wizards! It has been a while since I posted on my blog and I apologise for that! I've been extremely busy during the past few weeks and I've worked on so many things at once that it was near impossible to save time to write here! Don't worry … Continue reading Friday Update! News About My Writing, Socials, And Youtube Channel!

The Great King Behing The Walls. Long Poems #1

A great king sat on his throne of stone and goldFar from harmFar from darknessBut as he heard the silent crowdHe fearedHe hated As crowds gathered around his castleHe shouted to his troopsThey moved to the walls to protect the castleRising the walls ever higher And though no harm could come to the kingThough no … Continue reading The Great King Behing The Walls. Long Poems #1