Shattering of Humanity. Jalten Short Stories #12

Akretsu was defeated. The Lord of the Moon and Forger of Humanity, Amtor, had pierced Akretsu’s dark heart with his blade of Stars. The darkness had fallen in the north, falling deep into the depths of the darkened mountains. Valnor had seen the flash of light above the mountains and he had been the one to cheer for his creator. The dark forces retreated to the unknown lands of the north, but even though most of them ran, not all fled. Mehron, the Lord of Darkness himself walked to the armies of Valtar and Valnor. He surrendered himself to them and begged for mercy for his people, willing to sacrifice himself if he had to.

Though Mehron was not killed, Amtor and Shinara came to him. They forgave him, though demanded him to remain in the north, behind the mountains that had arisen from the depths. Mehron accepted and his people built their home in the north; in the Valley of Aronailos.
Humans left the north and began their march to the east. Valnor wanted them to build their home on the beaches where they were created. They walked and marched, going their separate ways from the Valtar, who built a new home in the west.

But soon, arguments began to rise. Some of them didn’t agree with Valnor being the ultimate king, so they left. Before Valnor could cross the wounded sea, thousands of people left him and made their way to the west, where they created their home at the Fist of Darkness.

Many demanded Valnor to act and destroy these traitors, but he didn’t act. He gave them mercy. After they got to their destination, they built the kingdom of Valnoria. For hundreds of years, it grew and grew in power, becoming more and more beautiful with every passing year. Valnoria grew so large that Valnor gave some of the lands to other lords he saw as friends. Talros was his closest friend and he gave him the eastern side of the kingdom, promising that his children would be the heirs to his lands.

Years passed and the Lords of the houses grew displeased with Valnor. They wanted more rule for themselves. Then, Yrtun reappeared. He had been one of the most skilled fighters during the war, but after the war ended, he had vanished. He returned to the Valnorian gates where he demanded to see the king. Valnor agreed and came to meet his supposedly old friend. Yrtun challenged Valnor to a duel for the right to rule, but Valnor refused, not wanting to spill blood in his lands. He was also the rightful king, chosen by the Gods themselves.

Yrtun cursed Valnor and revealed his masterplan. Dozens of houses had plotted against Valnorians and now stood behind Yrtun, the man who had desired to rule since the dawn of humanity. On his side, Yrtun had Rashals, Naatrans, Lairs, Westerners, and many smaller houses. Valnor was outnumbered and heartbroken of this betrayal, but he was far from giving up. On his side, he had called Talrossians and Usvans, who had been his most trusted friends for years. He also assembled the Knights of Shamo, who sailed from their island and into the battle. The fight lasted for five years, during which lands burned and many houses met their ends, but Valnorians triumphed.
Yrtun and his allies were defeated. The westerners fled back to their home, not to be seen in many years to come. The traitor lords were put in front of Valnor, Yrtun among them. All the people demanded their heads for the ferocity they had committed, but Valnor didn’t listen. He didn’t want any more blood to be spilt, thus, he pardoned the lords of Rashal, Lair, and Naatra. He exiled Yrtun and the smaller houses, for they had been the most brutal in battle.

This led to cold relations between the houses as they were all bitter of this war.
Yrtun fled to the west, where he sought refuge from the westerners. They closed their gates to him, for the cataclysm had just happened and they were still licking their wounds. Yrtun then moved to Valtar lands, where he asked for help. Thorald saw the man for what he was and denied entry, though some members of the smaller houses were given refuge. These people later sailed to the ends of the world, where they found an island, which later became the Island of Architects. They would become a great naval power and innovative people.

Yrtun continued his journey over the lands. He walked for many years with his followers, but he too had a breaking point. Stories tell of an event that changed his fate. It is said that he saw a giant grey raven flying above him. Intrigued, he followed the creature and with its guidance, he found the Valley of Raven. There, between the mountains of the north, he assembled his kingdom and forced his rule. He created a culture, focusing on brutality and strength. He also wrote a book named “The book of dreams.” This book would later be given to his son and to his son. From king to king. The book contained every king’s descriptions of their dreams, which were all similar in nature.
These dreams influenced their decisions and slowly, they began to believe they were destined to take over Valnoria and become the rulers of the world. Though Yrtun died long ago, his sons kept his dream alive, creating vast armies and preparing themselves for the inevitable battle against Valnoria.

Many small skirmishes followed, but never has there been an all-out war between the two powers. The exiled simply waited, growing and growing and rarely there became a king who thought the time was right. Usually, every attempt led to their defeat, so they simply chose to wait and grow.
Later on in Valnoria, the houses became semi-independent kingdoms. Valnorian Union was created to keep the people together. Valnorian King was still the highest authority, but the houses had more freedom over their lands.

And so, the four main nations of humans came to be.

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