Update about my writing career, blog, and creative burden. (Also, some backstory of me)

Cheers, my friends! It has been a great few months! I’ve seen a lot of growth for my blog! Many have liked, commented, and shared my stories and I really appreciate that!

Most of my life, I’ve done what I desired. I didn’t care what others thought of my doings or what was the hot thing to do. I had been bullied my entire school life, over ten years in fact, so I spent a lot of time alone. At first, I did things that others did, trying to win their favour and respect; to become part of the community. It didn’t happen and I’m glad about that.

As I grew up, I began focusing on writing and realized it was my calling. I’ve meant to write stories, create characters, and explore and express myself with art. So I’ve done. I published my first book last summer. I’ve been working on my dream project for over five years and I’m learned a lot about writing and storytelling. I’ve met new people in online communities. I’ve grown to trust my artistic vision and I’m so happy about that!

Now, I stand before a great challenge; a challenge I’ve been waiting for. Last Monday, I wrote the prologue for my book. I wrote the first words intended to be published and I’m so thrilled! I’m going to continue writing! I’m creating a schedule for myself, so I’ll get the book written in less than a year! What does this mean for my blog, you might ask?

It means that I may not write short stories about Jalten anymore. These stories have served as inspiration for me; being a way to brainstorm, while still writing in a book-like manner. I’m not going to stop posting though, for the writer’s journey is full of adventure! I wish to take you with me!

I wish you will understand and stay with me during these times! I’ll keep posting three times a week, at least most of the time, and I want to share my writing progress with you!

At this point, I ask you to follow me on Instagram and Twitter. I’ll talk about my progress there and it’s a faster way to see what I’m doing! If you have enjoyed my content this far and want to keep reading, please, like this post and follow my blog!

Also, if you’re interested in beta reading, send me an email at lindberg.pyryb@gmail.com ! I’m searching for fantasy lovers who’d give me feedback as I write the story!

Thank you! I can’t wait to step on the next level of my writing career! Walk with me! 🙂

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