The High Kingdom of Thorald. Jalten Short Stories #5

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“We’re not so different, you and I,” Thorald said as he fixed his brown feather-covered cape. “Your people are almost like mine. Both of the same origin, yet different from one another,” His face was grim and frowned. He cried, yet he made no sound. He just stared outside, where the great fountain of the capital was flowing with crystal water. He saw his people standing around it, singing and talking; feasting, for a new moon had just begun. It was the day of the past, during which he and his people grieved for the losses they had suffered over the years, but even when he had done this hundreds of times, this day felt more painful than any of them. “What do you want, m’lady?” he said as he closed his eyes, focusing.

“I want you,” a woman said from the doorway. Her hair was dense and long as blades. Her hair had the glow of the sun, yet there was also some silver in her hair. They reached down to her back, where they rested elegantly. Her eyes were the ones of a mortal, yet more beautiful than any other Thorald had seen. They shined in purple, a blessed color as it was and her eyebrows always made her look gentle and delicate. Even when her body owned shapes of beauty, Thorald had never focused on them. It was her soul he cared for; the soul he saw every time he looked her in her eyes.

“Lilja, please,” he said as he turned around to see her. “You don’t want me if you’d know the true me,” She gave him a brittle smile and walked to him. She brushed his cheek and stared at his glowing blue eyes.

“I know the real you,” she whispered, “I’ve known you for so long. Don’t you believe me?”

“I do,” he spoke as he gently took her hands, “Having you here has been the greatest gift Jatensa has ever given to me. I still can’t believe how you got so many days to live,”

“It was for a reason, Thorald,” she said before she left his embrace. and began to wander in the room. “I’ve been here for so long, yet you haven’t given me the chance to truly be with you! We both know what we want; what we desire. Why can’t you just… open up for me?”

Her words pierced his heart like an arrow and as his heart began to burn, he raised his hand onto his chest while closing his eyes in pain. “I’m not worthy of you,” he said as tears began to fall. “The world has seen pain because of me and now… I must feel its pain,” For a moment, she just stared at him. Her heart cried for her to act, but her body didn’t move; it was frozen as a stone.

“It doesn’t have to be that way,” she whispered to herself, still being loud enough for his ears to hear her. He opened his eyes and asked a silent question, without speaking. “You’ve always done your best… and you deserve to be happy too!” He stared at her for a time, before he moved to hug her. He hugged her tight and long, like all the years of sorrow would have slowly released their grasp of him.

“I love you, Lilja,” he cried, “I love you more than I’ve loved anything in this world and I want you to stay with me, forever,” She joined him in tears and allowed him to embrace her completely.

“I love you too, Thorald,” she whispered, “and I promise to be here as long as the Gods allow me,”

He eased his hold of her and watched her eyes. He brushed her cheek, before raising her chin and kissing her. He tasted her lips and felt the smooth surface against his own. His hand began to wander, discovering her shapes. As his hands wandered, her own loosened his cloak, revealing his strong shoulders as a whole. Their kiss continued and slowly turned more passionate and as it did, they began to move. He raised her and slowly brought her to the large bed, where he lowered her. As the white and soft sheets brushed her skin, she crawled to the other side of the bed where she began to undress, her hands shivering as she did. He watched her, feeling how his heart boomed and how his body trembled. He undressed as well and moved to her side.

For a moment, they just stared at each other as the speechless conversation took place between them. She brushed his long white hair away from his face and he moved her closer, holding her tightly, yet gently.

“How many years has it been?” she whispered. He chuckled and said:

“Far too long, m’lady,”

He then moved atop of her, making her giggle as he did. She rose to kiss him one more time before she prepared for his entry.

“I love you,” she whispered, for she was barely able to form words; so good was the sensation and so strong was the flame of love between them. I never want you to leave again, she thought as she crossed her hands around him.

I’m not the talented artist who made this picture! It served as inspiration when I created the character Thorald!

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