Worldbuilding Tips #1: Use the forge. (Worldanvil review)

The official art of Worldanvil!

I’ve done A LOT of worldbuilding in my current project. I’ve crafted languages, nations, races, and history for almost five years now and when I started, I had no idea how to organize all the information! I basically stored it all into my head and pieces of paper, but I never had one place where I could find everything I’ve made.

Until I found Worldanvil. Worldanvil is a wiki for your world. You can write all your information there and keep it easy to access, even for your followers! Before I get into the details of this amazing site, a few things about the costs:

There are many options to choose from and all of them can be bought one month at a time. I’m currently using the Journeyman tier and it works just fine for me! Remember: You can use Worldanvil for free, but the free version doesn’t allow you to make your world private and it lacks certain features!

I subscribed because I wanted to make my world private. It’s a place where I can think of new ideas and plan my books in peace, without having to worry about others stealing my story. If you want to start using this service, I highly suggest you choose the Journeyman tier at least!

So, what can you do with Worldanvil?

Basically, everything you need! There are tons of presents you can use, such as characters, organizations, nations, spells, items, and so on so forth. I’ve found these presents tremendously helpful, for they make you think about even the smallest details! This helps a lot in the long run!

As you can see, there are tons of presets. Sometimes you may get ideas by just looking at these. You may begin to think: “Hmm. I wonder what kind of myths my fantasy race has?”

And then you just create a new myth and start filling the emptiness! It’s very easy to use and highly effective!

Here is an example of a character preset! There are a lot of blanks to fill up and these are just a few!

Though I haven’t used this a lot, you can create your own maps with Worldanvil! You just upload any map you’ve drawn and you’ll be given the chance to name places and link articles to them! For example, You may have an island nation. You’ll upload it to Worldanvil and start linking articles to that location. After this, you have an interactive map you can show to your followers! It’ll be much easier for them to journey through your world by doing this!

The rest of the features are the same as in a wiki of sorts. You can link articles together to create a huge network of information! You can also edit the look of your wiki, but I haven’t gotten into that deeply. For me, this is just a huge notepad where I can write my ideas down.

To conclude: I highly suggest you give it a try! I promise it will help you with your worldbuilding, in a way or another!

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3 thoughts on “Worldbuilding Tips #1: Use the forge. (Worldanvil review)

  1. It was pretty short, I know, but I have bigger posts planned for this week! I’ve been quite busy lately and I just wanted to express my opinion about this great site!
    Thanks for all the new follows! I welcome you all with honor!


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