The last words of Zylron, son of Farathor

After Zylron lost his leg, his life turned darker than it already was. His father abandoned his son, for he would never be a warrior, thus, making him worth nothing to him. His family despised him even more and his only friends were far from his home.

Even with all the money and luxury, he was completely alone and he grieved. One day, Zylron had enough. His grief and his pain had grown too strong for him to handle and his hope for the future had faded completely. His father never loved him. He always hated him. In his eyes, Zylron was a mistake. He was the son he never wanted and now, he had lost the only thing that gave his future a purpose. His warrior path was gone.

Zylron planned on traveling far away from his home. He wanted to go west, where he would see the beautiful forests once more before he would slit his throat. He packed his things and took whatever he would need in his journey, but before he left, he wrote a letter for his friends and family, knowing that they would probably not even care.

His letter read:

Dear friends, family, my people. When and if you’re reading this, I want you to know that I’ve traveled over our borders. I’ve gone to see the beauty of the west, one last time and I have no intention to return. To any who will miss my presence: I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I couldn’t remain with you longer and I’m sorry for making you grieve for me. But even after I’m gone, I want you to know that I’ve appreciated your presence intensely and I wish all the best to you.
– Zylron, Son of Farathor.

Zylron wrote only one letter before he left. He traveled fast and got to the divine forest in the west. There he intended to stay for a few weeks before he’d slit his throat at the lake of dreams. His plan failed though, when his good friend, Sir Asklar came for him. He had read his letter and taken it for himself, not wanting his father to know about this. He had then left his home and ridden after his prince.

When he arrived at the divine forest, he began to search for Zylron. He searched for him, day and night, not sleeping or eating. He was exhausted and desperate, for he didn’t find his prince. When he finally burned out and collapsed, he whispered a prayer to Jenlar, the divine spirit of the woods. She answered and helped Asklar to find Zylron and fortunately, he found his prince, before he was able to kill himself.

Zylron was surprised to see his old friend, but he was also happy. He cried for Asklar had been the only one taking care of him when he lost his leg. He was like a father to him and seeing him risk everything in order to find him melted his heart. After a long talk, Jenlar herself appeared to the men. She saw goodness in young Zylron and she decided to give him a gift. She carved and spelled a beautiful and strong staff for Zylron, which he swore to use till his death.

After he got his gift, they both returned home. They spoke to no one about this incident and Asklar made Zylron swear to never intend to kill himself. Zylron promised. After this, Zylron began to grow distant from his family, for he started focusing on magics, especially the magic of Jenlar. He swore to never get attached to his family again, but it all changed after the death of his older brother…

This picture served as inspiration when I was creating the divine forest.

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