Race of Jaultar and Mykfor, the great king

“Oh, rise from the depths of existence! Oh, rise from the dust and rubble and rise to become the greatness you’ve destined to be!”

Those were the words of Jatensa, when he forged the great race of Jaultar, the great giants. Jaultar were meant to be wise and noble people, destined to rule their home planet with great care and justice. Their minds were expansive and their wills strong, even when their bodies were strong as well. They were no brutes and people of brutal force, but people of careful thinking and crafting.

Jaultar were tall, over three meters in general and their bodies were strong and powerful, capable of rising and moving great weights. Many called them “the world smiths”, for they moved mountains, crafted valleys, and built paths. They were a magnificent race and many Gods showed great interest in them. Even the daughter of Jatensa, Shinara, showed great interest in the race and became a great friend of their king, Mykfor.

Jaultar were created long before the fall of Sylthor. During these times, there were no dark towers in existence, nor were there demons or lords of darkness. There were just the Gods and the reality, which was filled with beings of life and light. When Jatensa introduced Sylthor to the race of Jaultar, Sylthor felt deeply intrigued. He saw these beings as something he had tried to create for thousands of years and as he learned more of these beings, he started to plot his ultimate plan, which he would reveal after a thousand years. Mykfor was created as the king of Jaultar. He was a wise and modest leader, always wanting the best for his people. He also respected both Shinara and Jatensa deeply and later on, he grew to respect Amtor as well.

Mykfor was extremely intelligent and wise. He was called the best craftsman in existence, for his work was so beautiful, it managed to impress the Gods themselves. Mykfor was the first demigod to exist and he was granted a place in the tower of existence, where all Gods lived and crafted the existence to be.

His place among the Gods’ order gave him a lot of influence on the world and its ways and he was one of the most appreciated members of the order. When Sylthor returned to the tower, after traveling for a thousand years, he got interested on Jaultar people and especially on Mykfor himself. He befriended him and shared his vision of the world with him. Sylthor told him about his plans to forge a new tower and turn the world into something that would follow his vision. Mykfor was eager to take part in the creation process but didn’t want to do something that would be against his creator’s will, thus, he refused to act like Sylthor asked for.

Even though Mykfor refused Sylthor’s vision, he still respected the great creator a lot and considered him as his friend. One day, Sylthor left the order once again, taking many Gods and Goddesses with him, leading them to the oblivion, where they remained for a long time. When Sylthor returned once again, he was wearing his brightest clothes and shiniest crowns as he traveled to the homeworld of the Jaultar. There he talked to Mykfor, trying to make him join him on his mission, but Mykfor didn’t let in. He sensed the darkness within Sylthor and couldn’t accept his words. Unfortunately, he realized it far too late.

Sylthor was able to pay time for his minions to get on the surface of the world, where they channeled their mighty spells, dragging the world to the oblivion itself. By the time Mykfor realized this treachery, it was too late and he and his people were all taken by Sylthor.
Sylthor then morphed the Jaultar to be more brutal and strong, planning on using them as a force to conquer the other worlds. Mykfor became his strongest mortal champion and with his help, Sylthor was able to conquer countless worlds and start the war in the world of Jalten, where Mykfor fought against the creations of Jatensa, once again.

But even after being forced to serve the darkness, Mykfor was able to keep a part of himself alive. The part of him that was wise and kind and he did everything in his power to do as little harm as possible. As the years went by, Mykfor began to see himself as a complete monster and spent his nights looking at the skies, wondering if his creator could ever forgive him.

This picture served as inspiration when I was creating this character. I don’t own this picture.

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