Forging of humanity

And so, Amtor stepped forth and gazed upon the broken lands of the west. He stared and the broken souls of the Charitan warriors and for a moment, he grieved. Shinara walked to him and rested her hand on his bleeding shoulder, giving him a smile, comforting him in his pain. Amtor then walked. The echoes of the great battles still hautned this land and the screams of pain and agony sang like a choir of agony and sorrow.

A moment passed, during which all the sounds vanished. The lands turned dead silent, like the eastern forest at night. Slowly, vast clouds began to form over the lands, blocking the faint rays of the sun, casting the lands in deep shadow. A lightning struck and the sky began to cry, for so did Amtor. He collapsed on her knees and stared at the bloody terrain as his tears began to to fall on the ground. His blood ran from the wound on his face and as it fell on the ground, it mixed up with his blood and slowly created a flowing river of grief.

Shinara followed her lover, grieving in her mind, for she knew she had also failed him. Her mind ran empty from thoughts and only the heart shattering pain remained. She kneeled down next to her partner and kissed him on the cheek, sending a wave of warmth around his body. Amtor glanced at her shining golden eyes and for a moment, the darkness and cold vanished from his mind. The thought of her being here with him comforted him and gave him hope. One day, he would redeem himself in the eyes of Jatensa and one day he would dance among the stars, with his lover.

“We must create a being,” Amtor said as he slowly stood up, “a being of incredible power. A being who can be rightous and just. A being who can fight against the darkness, until we’ve fully recovered.” Amtor’s eyes glimmered with hope and excitement and Shinara was fast to join him in smiling.

“What would this being be?” she asked as she walked into his arms, allowing him to fully embrace her. “How could we create such a being, for we don’t have all of our powers here?” For a moment, Amtor hesitated, for he knew her words were right. In their current state, they couldn’t just forge life from nothing. They needed a source of energy. A source of life. He then glanced at the floating Charitan souls and got an idea.

“We shall harvest the life energy from those souls and forge them into new bodies. Then, we shall have our champions” Amtor took Shinara’s hands and glanced at her with love in his still wet eyes. For a moment, they stared at each other, like they did millions of years ago, until they finally kissed one another with passion and love. Their bodies began to burn from passion and excitement, but even when they both desired one another, they knew, that now was not the time for such things. Now was the time of creation; the time to take back their precious world.

And so, Amtor moved forward, grabbing some of the souls and placing them on his anvil of moon, which he had summoned by singing his spell. He then manifested his great hammer of night and began to separate the life energies from the broken souls. As he got pieces of the energy separated, Shinara took them and began to sing her beautiful songs, making new souls from the energies.

As her songs filled the lands, Amtor began to channel his spell of forging as he struck his hammer against the souls, now forging the bodies for the ones Shinara was singing to.

Amtor said:

Hel amo Jal vrul sarl dos jalfes.

Jal vrul sarl zorla chazar ti valnor masha

Lo astal vrul sy jal’es jalvant ti tel vrul sy kosna

Nafan vols ostor ys calruk’i ti ys jelrof’i

Ti nafan vrul zörl ys thor

Nul vols sy kosna ti nul vols zörl ys thor mos volst

Salh vols sy jalfa ti salh vols zörl ys thor most nalsei

Zurta vrul nafan zörl naforas

Zurta vrul nafan fysna

Ti nafan vrul zörl ys thor

Ti ylorn vols nafan sy kalnals

From darkness, I will forge new life. I will forge great bodies and valiant souls. This being will be my champion and it will be strong. They shall rule the mountains and the forests. And they shall fight the darkness. He shall be strong and he will fight the evil with a blade. She shall be beautiful and she shall fight the evil with a song. Never will they fight each other. Never will they fear. And they will fight the evil. And always shall they be victorious.

And he kept channeling his spells, until the moment he was finished.

Now, in front of him stood a thousand soulless beings, made of flesh and blood. They looked similar to him, but they lacked his wings, his burning eyes, and his long ears, but even so, they looked magnificent. Amtor glanced at Shinara and nodded. Shinara then sang a final tune, leading the souls she had formed into the empty bodies, filling them with thought, emotion, and life. Now, the beings were alive and the slowly began to move.

First, the beings stumbled and fell on the ground, for they still didn’t know how to be alive, but after Shinara began to sing, they began to get a hold of their bodies. They all stared at the two Gods with wonder in their eyes. Amtor and Shinara, both stared at them too, speechless and exhausted from the years of forging and singing they had done. But now, they work was finally finished. “What will be their name?” Shinara asked. Amtor stopped and thought for a moment, before saying:

“May you be called humans, the children of the sun and moon and the champions of life and justice!”

A wide smile grew on Shinara’s face and as Amtor glanced at her, she nodded in approval. They both then walked to the humans, being twice the height of them as they walked among them, gaining stares of wonder and confusion. Shinara followed their eyes and studied their bodies. Amtor had done wonderful work. The elegance of his smithing was something she had never seen before. Not even in his father’s work. “I forged man in my image and woman in yours… I hope you are fine with my decision.” Shinara smiled.

As they kept going, they realized, that many of the humans were frozen in place; just staring at them with confused and fearing eyes. They continued walking, until they came across a small group of humans, who were not frozen, but instead were studying their bodies, and looking around, wondering the beauty of the land. Amtor felt intrigued, for there was something special in these humans. Some of the group’s men and women had found each other and were slowly touching each other, like Amtor had touched Shinara all those years ago. The love between them had passed down to their creations and it made them both smile, for it was right.

Suddenly, one of the men stopped kissing his now found partner and glanced at the Gods. He then walked forth and stared deep into Shinara’s eyes, like a child would look at his mother. Amtor raised his eyebrows in surprise, for this man was different from his peers. He was brave. But even when he was brave and stepped forth, all of the humans were still not ready. They lacked the knowledge of the world as well as the meaning of their upcoming mission. It was all something they couldn’t just tell them here. It had to be sung into their hearts. Amtor glanced at Shinara and she nodded.

Just as Shinara was ready to sing her enchanting song, Amtor kneeled down to the still staring man and looked at him with wonder and proudness. “Valnor… Valiant… that’s what you are. I’m looking forward to see you in your full strength.” His words made the man shiver, even when he still stared at him, without blinking. Amtor then glanced at Shinara, who then began to sing the most beautiful tune, that slowly made the humans fall asleep. During their twenty years of sleep, they would be cleared from the confusion their hearts held. They would learn the history and meaning of their existence as well as the right and wrong. The sleep would fill their hearts with justice and their souls with courage. And when they would wake up, they would march against the armies of Mehron and build their own kingdoms, taking their place among the people of Jalten.

But little did they know, that in the human heart, the presence of Sylthor lingered. The Charitan warriors were slain by his hand and the darkness from their souls had now spread to the race of men. It was their curse, but as long as the humans heard and saw the call of Shinara and Amtor, they would remain on the right path…

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