Song of Valnor

Syl tor nalh jalst. Lo shat nalh’es syl nalsei!

Ancient king he was. This is his ancient song!

His skin was forged, from the rays of the moon and his soul was sung to be, by the brightest star. His armor was white as the snow of north and his crown was golden like the deserts of the west.
His soul was just and modest too and he led his people with wisdom. And walked north he did, armies of Thorald at his side. He rallied his kin to face the foe of darkness and there, at the frozen peaks of the north, he fought for a hundred years.
Until the war came to an end and the dark foe was frozen under the eternal ice. He triumphed over far and wide and ralised the victory with his allies and men.

He then rode to lands far away. To the east, he led his people and ruled there he did.
There he built the kingdom of Valnor and started the peaceful time of rule.
He had many sons and daughters too. And he blessed them with the light of the moon.
And he ruled the lands for hundreds of years. Until his time came and he walked away. Even when the golden path called for him, he left a legacy, that still lasts to this day.

And his sons forged his image on the throne of Valnor, where his crown still stands, unchallenged. And as long as the golden crown stands; humanity shall have peace. For it was the legacy, of Valnor, the Valiant king.

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