Amtor and Shinara arrive at Jalten

First, in the skies, they swam. With power and knowledge beyond the realm of land. They were free, as the stars of the universe. And their beauty, something beyond the eye of the man. They ruled and they ruled wisely Until the one came to them, precisely

A being of light, he said he was. With golden wings and cloth. He claimed to bring a message from far. And wanted to feel the world of land

First, they refused and pushed the golden being away. But after a while, they figured that he could stay. But then he showed himself. With dark wings and hooks of death. He fell on the surface of the land. And spread his darkness, which turned out of hand. A moment passed, as did the time of light. For now, the darkness had taken over. And the skies themselves were covered In the dark mist and ash. Sylthor’s landing made a new land. Where the darkness floated, as did the land itself. And there he was. And summoned his son. For he needed his army. To crush the ones.

But Amtor didn’t just watch. But he flew on the land. And fought Sylthor. From hand to hand. And even when he was powerful. The darkness was more. And so the dark scythe took his eye. And made him collapse. And almost die. But his sister came. And carried him away. Saved him she did, as well as healed. But Amtor didn’t stay down for long. For he rose and rushed again. And with the light of Shinara. They fought against the darkness. And their battle ranged For a hundred years. And while they fought. The Charitar did too. And against the darkness, they pushed. And against the darkness, they died. For a hundred years. For it was meant to be.

But after the hundred years. Their father returned. And channeled his energies he did. And took out Sylthor. To the deepest darkness, he sent him. Back where he came from. And at the same time. The Charitar had won. And the minions of darkness. Had fled to the north. Where Amtor and Shinara found them. And froze them to the ground. So they would never kill again. And the world could be free.

But as the father saw the destruction. He grieved. For the lands, he had created. Had shattered. And the beautiful forests of the west. Had turned to deserts of darkness. And his people. Had perished. And suffered. And he grieved. For all of them.

He then turned to his children. And with tears in his eyes. He chained them to bodies. And sent them back. To fix the mistakes they did. And to defeat the darkness as a whole. For their actions caused the death in the world. And they would be the ones. To fix their mistake.

So from the eastern sea. They walked. And they walked to the land. Where they saw the darkness. And with a promise from their father. They began their work. And since that day. They have been at work. And until the last breath of darkness has fainted. They shall not rest. For it is their duty. And it always was

I don’t own the picture. I only use it to showcase my vision.

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