Mental Health And Fantasy

Mental health is an interesting subject. The power of the mind is almost limitless and the effect it can have on one’s life is staggering! I know many people who have fallen into the dark side of the mind, where their lives are ruled by depression and other deep issues. I have also suffered from long-lasting grief and overall sadness.

My book has three antagonists that all represent the mental issues that I’ve been through as well as seen others going through. These are hatred, grief, and fear.

Hatred servers as the strongest antagonist in my story he’s pictured as a misty skeleton.

I’ve seen many books being written and many people talking about mental health and how we can improve and heal people from these problems. My suggestion is to use fantasy as a tool.

I believe, that fantasy gives a great canvas where we can paint the issues of the mind in any way we desire. I think it’s much easier for people to understand the actual health-related point when it’s told within a story. I used heavy symbolism in my book and I’m extremely satisfied with the outcome of it. I believe that anyone can read the story and get the main message I’m trying to tell.

Fantasy allows us to place the dark thoughts into different “bodies” and tell an interesting story, while also talking about those dark thoughts and issues that must be defeated, so we could all live happily and free from the dark and cold thoughts in our minds.

In my case: I literally placed these three problems within characters and made them fight against my protagonist. I made the fight a physical one, which represents the real fights people fight against depression for example. Personally, I think the idea was a good one.

I’d love to know what you think about using fantasy as a tool to help people with mental health issues and I’m always open to hearing your suggestion and comments!

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