The hour of victory

My greetings to you, my friend!

My book the battle of the broken mind nears to its total completion and the publishing process will take place during the next week. Needless to say: I’m so excited.

I’ve been writing this book for eight months, and I can still remember the day when I got the idea for this. How I wrote the first chapter and how I thought this would never work. But here we are. I won.

Before this book, I’ve tried to write dozens of books, but they all died because I lost my faith in the idea, or I just got a “better one.” Because of this, seeing my books cover being made and being able to write “The end” feels so great, for I’ve completed something; something important and glorious.

Image by Myriam Zilles from Pixabay

I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again: The goal of this book is to tell a story about a woman, who suffers from things that touch millions of people in our world. I wanted to explore the process of fighting mental illness and depression through an interesting and beautiful fantasy story, and I think I’ve succeeded in that goal. I hope that people will find comfort in my words and feel like their struggles are understood and pictured in my book’s world because that’s what I want. I know how it feels to struggle in the darkness, and I used my own experience to make the story more faithful to the truth, even when the truth is told through metaphors and symbolism.

I’d love to show you the cover right now, but it’s not completely finished yet, so you’ll have to wait for a couple of more days! Thank you for all your support,my friends. It’s greatly appreciated!

The hour of victory is closing in. Will you stand with me when it’s time?

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