Write Your Next Book In Four Easy Steps

Writing a book is a long process with countless steps and things you have to consider.

Even the thought of writing a complete book can sound intimidating, you shouldn’t give up your dream of writing a book. It’s a long task, indeed, but if your build your foundations correctly and keep a good attitude during the hardest writing times, you will succeed!… Read More

How To Write A Good Opening

Every story has a beginning and every beginning has an end

You’ve probably heard people saying that the way you begin your story will define your story to your reader–and they’re quite right!

The opening of a book is kind of like the step where you mix the incredients together and put it in the oven.… Read More

Benefits Of Writing Every Day

How much should you write in a year, month, week, or day to become a successful writer?

Though it’s true there’s no such thing as the right amount to write or even the right thing to write about, I do believe there’s something special about opening your laptop or typewriter every single day and writing something, no matter what.… Read More