About Me

It’s me, P.B. Lindberg

I’, a man of art and faith from Northern Finland. I published my first novel, The Battle of the Broken Mind when I was 17. At that time, I worked in Helsinki full time and wrote, edited, and published the novel as I worked. My first novel perfectly explains the way I see art: Exploring difficult subjects through an interesting story.

I’ve been writing fiction since I was a young boy, but my “career” really got in-flight around five years ago, when I began considering the possibility of becoming an author. Writing has always been in my blood, my grandfather was an author too and he has been a great inspiration for my writing journey.

Before I accepted myself as a writer, I had other creative things in mind. I made music and my dream was to become a great EDM producer, a megastar. What I didn’t realize back then was my lack of internal motivation. My burn of doing EDM music was fueled by the desire of gaining social validation, for, after over ten years of bullying, I thought making music would elevate my status. Writing isn’t cool in the eyes of people of my age, which was the reason I doubted myself as a writer for a long time.

Until I finally began writing my novels, short stories, poetry. Until I broke free from the chains and begun doing what I loved the most: telling stories.

These days, I’m working on my second novel, a story about my experiences in the Finnish Defense Forces I’m also working on a long-time fantasy project, which I desire to write about after I’ve published at least five other novels.

I’m a man focusing on art and writing, and this blog serves as a way for me to get my thoughts out there and express myself, for novels take a long time to make.

I welcome you to join my journey and if you have any questions or you wish to contact me, head to the “contact” page or use the form below to speak your mind.

Nonetheless, have a blessed day

– Pyry Benjami Lindberg, AKA, P.B. Lindberg