P.B. Lindberg Writing

Believing In The Power of Stories

The Summer Rain We Shared

A Short Story

The sun revealed itself in sudden flashes through the mighty clouds as light rain covered the green hills in a mist of the tears of nature. The clouds were stolen from a painting and they danced with the wind, which surely would lift them and send them to lands unknown. As these vast, yet gentle giants in the sky vanished, the sun got its chance to smile more radiantly. And so it was, for the smallest shadows, cast by the sharp lines of trees at the outskirts of green fields, were vanquished by the golden rays.

She leaned on the railing, standing on the second floor balcony with her back turned to him. The rain had soaked her through and through. Her figure was nearly bare and only a light, silver gown, kept her from nakedness. Her feminine shapes and curves grew more distinct as the wet gown followed the lines of her body.

Her usually wavering brown hair was now resting on her bare, slender shoulders. She seemed as if she had just risen from a pool, for her hair had grown dark and heavier by the rain. The tips of her hair reached to the bottom of her back, to the very lost point before the curve of her bum. She had bent over, her face hidden from his sight as she stared into the distance, occasionally sighing in an illustrious, yet melancholic manner. She must have admired the sight she witnessed.

He lay on their bed, his bare body hidden underneath the silk sheets. He sat with his back against the wine-coloured headboard, which arched like the roof of a mighty cathedral. His eyes were nailed on her and his chest lifted and fell in a rapid, yet gentle manner.

They had not spoken since they awoke, yet there was great tension between them. It was not the sort of tension that would soon erupt into an act of marital wrath, instead, it was an unspoken bond, a burning passion that linked the cinder in their hearts. He could barely breathe when he thought of the night they had just lived and he kept seeing her deep blue eyes in her mind

His body had shrunk, attached itself to the warm mattress of the bed, yet his spirit had already left him and it had ventured to embrace her in a passionate kiss on her cheek before wrapping his arms around her, gracing her head before whispering a word to her that surely set her body aflame.

Yet before he acted upon this thought, this deep desire, he merely enjoyed the sight he witnessed, sighing as a wide smile with melancholy undertones left his mouth.

She radiated with a feminine call and she gave him a sly glance over her shoulder once in a while. She bit her burning lips as her eyes revealed the great fire which burned in her body and soul.

The third time she gave him a swift glance of wild passion, he jumped off the bed. As he stood still without a piece of clothing on him, she blushed and quickly turned away, yet the slightest gesture of her body revealed her preparation.

He crossed the room, passing the wooden desk which was covered with her perfumes and pieces of clothing. She stretched her back like a cat, each small motion of her body throwing fuel into his heart as he approached her.

With light steps, he walked out of the narrow door and onto the balcony. A brief rush of passion filled him and he ran his strong hand from her bum up to her shoulder, studying the shape of her body as he brought himself closer, smelling the odour of fresh rain all over her, in addition to her own scent of pleasant flowers and streaming water.

She shivered as he wrapped his arms around her and she let out a quiet, suppressed moan. He closed his eyes and granted her a kiss on the cheek, feeling her burning skin on his dried lips.

As he separated from her and opened his eyes again, he saw her eyes staring into his. They were blazing, they were hungry and she leaned up and kissed him again. Her arms begged him to embrace her and so he did, tightening his hands around her as their lips shared the passion they held. Whenever he moved back, as if to draw a breath, she opened her wide blue eyes and studied his face for a moment before leaping onto him, kissing him over and over again.

He felt her figure in his hands as he held her close by the waist. Her breasts pressed against his chest and there they remained, in the light rain, blessed by the rays of the sun. Even when the wind came in an attempt to freeze them, their flaming passion kept them from cold.

After she, for the first time, separated from him and granted him an innocent, yet seductive look, he took her into his arms, lifted her and brought her inside. He laid her on the bed and she fell gently on her back, her eyes attached to his own as their souls embraced each other.