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My Return Has Come

Greetings, my dear readers.

I am fully aware that it has been nearly two years since I wrote something on my blog. I apologise for the inactivity.
The years have been full of time-consuming events, my mandatory service in the Finnish army, moving across the country, and now, after years of anticipation, the start of my theological studies at the University of Eastern Finland.

This is something I’ve wanted to do for countless years. I remember making the decision to start my studies here when I was around sixteen. I was enormously excited back then, yet the thought of having to wait for almost five years to start my studies tried to kill my desire to start them altogether.

Yet, here I am. The University is an amazing place. I’ve mostly been interested in the vast library and all the treasures it holds, as well as peaceful places to read and write, though I believe I must pull out my laptop and leave my beloved typewriter at home. I suppose my fellow students wouldn’t appreciate hearing that hammering when they try to prepare for an exam.

So, I am here in Joensuu. I’ve nearly moved completely and I’ve gotten my first introductions to the school. The studies will begin next week and in two weeks’ time, I shall be starting the studies of New Testament Greek, about which I am extremely excited. Languages have always made me feel alive. The ability to speak in numerous ways is something I as an author treasure. In addition to Greek, after a year, I shall be studying Hebrew and Latin, both of which excite me to the core.

If all goes according to the plan, in five years, I’ll be a Master of Theology, suitable to then be ordained as a priest. That is my end goal, though my doubts are still present about the church of my homeland. Nonetheless, we must always remember that priests are not serving the church itself, but God and his people. Thus I will do it as well, no matter what the earthly institutions have to say about it.

My current plan is to continue my studies after becoming a Master, to become a Doctor. In order to become a Bishop, which is a lifetime goal of mine, one must be a Doctor of Theology, thus, I must reach that as well.
But it might be too early to focus on times after these next five years. Most importantly, I am thankful to be alive. I’m thankful to be able to study in this place, to finally give my all to my studies, for earlier in my time, I hated school.

With all the studies I shall be focusing on, I will not abandon my duty as an author. I have a few novels planned, as well as a few short stories. The current struggle is to decide which one of them is worth to be pursued and writing completely.

My hope and desire are that I can write and publish at least one book in two years and I will indeed grant my all to the success of this goal. Too many years has it been since I published The Battle of the Broken Mind, but times are changing and my ability to smith words has improved dramatically, though, of course, there is still vast room for improvement.

These are my words to you, my dear friends. I wish to use this blog as a personal vessel of expression.

Take care and God bless you.