Christmas Booksale + Writing Status

Greetings, my dear readers.

I haven’t been able to publish a new article in a few weeks now, but the reason for this is not my lack of ideas, but the fact that the articles I’m currently writing are a lot longer than my usual articles.

I’m working on a few articles about theology and some writing articles as well, but before I can actually publish those, I wanted to give you all a quick update.

I’m in the beginning steps of starting my next book. It will be a fantasy book, based in central Holy Roman Empire during the 1500s. The story will centre around the Biblical view of the “end times” and will include my usual romantic touch.

I’m extremely excited about this project, for it allows me to write in the genre I love, in the time period I’m most passionate about, and in addition, it allows me to include my faith as well. It’s a huge win.

I’ll be writing more articles about the progress as it is made. I’ll open the search for beta readers soon.

Now, to the second thing.

I’ve made a little Christmas sale for my book, The Battle of the Broken Mind. The price has been reduced in the spirit of Christmas.

Thus, if you haven’t gotten it yet, now is the perfect time to order and start reading.

You can order my book via this link.

I’m extremely grateful to all of you who have read my articles, bought my books, and been an extremely supportive community.

I’m looking forward to continuing writing interesting stories for all of you.

Until next time, dear friends.

  • P.B. Lindberg

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