How To Use Lulu To Self Publish Your Book

You want to self publish a book but don’t know what service you should use?

Use Lulu!

Lulu offers a vast range of different types of books and allows you to even publish your own ebooks.

With Lulu, you can create your next book the way you want and publish it in no time. With Lulu, your book can reach countless stores and websites, even Amazon!

Today, I’ll guide you on the publishing process so you can spread your story around the world as fast as possible!

A Step By Step Guide To Publishing With Lulu

Table of Contents:

  1. Finishing The Book And The Necessary Formatting
  2. Gathering The Remaining Resources That You Need For Your Book
  3. Starting The Publishing Process
  4. Publishing And Ordering Your First Copies
  5. Conclusion

1: Finish The Book And The Necessary Formatting

Before you can publish your book, the book must be written. Basic stuff, aye?

There are a few things about the formatting you must notice before you start uploading your file to lulu.

Margins must be set and there must be left a few empty pages between certain parts of your file. You can check out these details when you’re creating your project. Lulu offers a vast range of info, which makes the whole thing so much easier.

Before you start creating your to be published book, make sure there are no spelling errors, the titles are set, the font is well picked.

Remember, no reader wants to read a full book of comic sans.

After you’ve formatted your book interior and made sure everything is fine and dandy, we can move to the next part, which is also one of the more exciting parts.

2: Gathering The Remaining Resources That You Need For Your Book

The book is not just the interior, but also the exterior.

I’m talking about a book cover!

If you’re going to put money into your publishing process, I highly suggest you use it on this one!

I’ve seen so many self published books with absolutely terrible covers that make my stomach turn.

There are covers that look like they were made in a minute with Microsoft Paint–and then there are those damn stock photo covers that always use the same photos.

If you want to stand out from the horse of books, pay for an artist to really draw you a unique and good looking cover.

I used 99designs for my cover and it was worth all the money!

The Battle of the Broken Mind Cover

NOTE: Make sure your artist draws your book cover with the correct sizes.

Depending on your book size, Lulu will give you free downloads with templates that make it easy to determine the real size of your cover.

Just download those files, send them to your artist, and everything should be fine.

Like, the last thing you want is to pay generously for a cover and realize it’s too small…

3: Starting The Publishing Process

Alrighty then!

After the book is formatted and the cover is made, we can move forward and start typing the stuff that seems confusing.

Let’s start from the first step.

Choosing Your Publishing Goal

This is basically where you choose to either just print your book for your personal use or to actually get the book out there for people to buy!

You can also choose to just publish your book on Lulu’s own bookstore or to also distribute it on other stores, such as Amazon.

I highly suggest you use both for the highest amount of potential reach and sales.

Though do keep in mind that Lulu pays much higher royalties for your book if it’s bought from their own bookstore.

Project Details

Pretty simple.

Just add the title of your book and choose the correct genres.

You can also add the edition of your book, but this is completely optional.


This is the point where you put your own pen name down.

You can also credit other people, your book cover artist for example.


This is the point that can confuse a lot of people, but there’s nothing to fear.

ISBN is just the book number you have to add to the cover of your book if you want to actually publish it and sell it.

Lulu offers a free ISBN you can use when publishing, but you can also use your own if you so wish.

Just remember that the ISBN will not be automatically added to your cover. It’s something you have to do manually!

Designing Your Book

Next, you’ll add details to your book, such as your total page count.

This is also the exciting step where you can choose the interior colours, paper types, bookbinding (hardcover, paperback etc) and even the cover finish.

On this step, you’ll also upload your book file and your cover file. If you made sure everything is formatted correctly, you shouldn’t have any problems here

Addin The Details

After the actual book is finished, we can move to filling the data Lulu will use when distributing your work.

This includes the book description, more about the contributors, categories, keywords, and even your target audience.

Make sure these things are written correctly and your book description is written with thought, for it will ultimately be what will entice potential readers to actually buy your book!

Setting The Price

And finally, we can talk about money!

Lulu will show you the minimum price you must set, which is calculated from the distribution and printing costs. After these prices, you can start thinking about the money you’ll actually receive from a sold copy.

Before you set your price, you really should check the prices of your competitors to get an idea of what people are willing to pay for a certain type of book.

The payee basically means to whom Lulu will pay the revenue.

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4: Publishing And Ordering Your First Copies

It is finally done!

You’ve finished writing your book, formatting it, and now you can finally press that “publish” button.

Feels great, right?

Before you start celebrating too much, it is important to order your test copies to make sure there are no mistakes with the formatting and so on, plus you probably want to see your book in your shelf, right?

After publishing, it will take a few weeks for Lulu to distribute it to other sellers, so if you don’t immediately see your book on Amazon, there’s nothing to worry about.

When you receive your copies, check them through and if you spot a mistake, edit it immediately. If everything seems fine, you can just relax and call yourself a true author!


Lulu is a great service. Their products are of good quality and they make it easy to publish a book.

I’ve contacted Lulu countless times and they were always kind and helpful with their responses, so if you have more questions about their service, don’t hesitate to just send them an email and ask for help!

It was a great pleasure to work with Lulu when publishing my first novel and I’m going to use their service with my future books as well!

Hopefully, you found this article helpful to guide you on your publishing journey.

If you’ve already published your book with Lulu, tell me more about your book in the comments!

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