Why You Should Use World Anvil For Worldbuilding | In-Depth World Anvil Review

World Anvil is a great tool for worldbuilding. It has many benefits that make the whole creative process so much easier, while also improving the quality of your worldbuilding.

So, today, I wanted to make another World Anvil review!

I wrote one almost a year ago and since then, I’ve learned even more about this great platform!

Thus, let’s start talking about why you should be using World Anvil to improve your worldbuilding skills!

Basics Of World Anvil

You’ve probably heard about World Anvil, but if you haven’t for some reason, I’ll explain the basics of the platform!

World Anvil is basically a tool for worldbuilders. (A surprise to be sure)

It offers you the possibility to basically build your own wiki page for your world!

You can create articles about characters, historical entries, kingdoms, magic, languages… basically, anything you’d ever imagine!

You can link these articles to each other, which creates this easy to navigate wiki that you can use when writing your story.

This kind of wiki is key to a good world, at least in my opinion.

While worldbuilding, it can be overwhelming to see the amount of information you have in your hands, especially if you’re creating a world from scratch!

Thus, the key to success is to keep everything organized and to make sure you can find everything you need fast and easy.

In a nutshell, think World Anvil as your personal wiki page for your world!

The Benefits Of World Anvil And How To Use It

Like I mentioned earlier, World Anvil helps you keep your information organized and easily findable.

But there are also numerous benefits I can’t even explain in one article!

Some of these benefits are:

  • Creating an interactive map for your world
  • Suggesting you things you can think about, which in turn makes your worldbuilding more interesting
  • Keeping your timeline organized, which helps with the plotting of your actual books
  • Creating a community element into your worldbuilding

Those are just a few I can mention!

Here you can see just some of the templates World Anvil offers!

These are absolutely vital for making your worldbuilding deep and interesting.

Many of these things are details most worldbuilders can miss easily.

What I love about World Anvil is the fact that it’s so easy to just go and start creating some articles!

You can have just a faint idea about something, but once you create an article, World Anvil starts asking you questions about the thing you’re currently building, and we all know that worldbuilding is basically constantly asking questions and answering those questions.

Here are some of the questions World Anvil suggest you answer to when you’re creating a character article!

There are hundreds of more questions, some of which talk about your characters history, relationships, special abilities, and even the way they talk and eat!

As you can believe, there are a lot of things to think about, but World Anvil makes it all easier because they give you those questions ready.

You just have to start thinking about the answers, which in my opionion is the fun part of worldbuilding.

So, World Anvil basically gives you templates to fill, which makes worldbuilding faster and more fun!

It also allows you to keep your articles in a good place and the fact that you can create an interactive wiki for your world is absolutely amazing!

Above, you can see one of my articles.

AS you can see, there are many details about this character and I’ve actually linked his family members in this article. You click Maron for example and you get to read about that character.

This allows you to navigate quickly and with precision, which is wonderful!

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The Community Aspect Of World Anvil

This is something I don’t personally use, but I’ve seen people using it with great results!

Basically, you can share your worldbuilding journey with your fans!

Maybe you’re writing a new book and after it comes out, you update your World Anvil page, which allows your readers to learn even more about your world.

You can also create teaser articles for your story, which creates that hype and intrigues your readers even more!

If you have an established fanbase, this is definitely something you should try out!

Pricing And Subscription Plans

World Anvil has a vast variety of plans you can choose, depending on your needs.

The free version allows you to create up to two worlds and gives you 100MB of space for pictures, for example. Free users can also create up to 175 articles, while any subscriber gets to create an unlimited number of articles.

I’ve used this free plan for a while now, but a few months ago, I used the Journeyman plan, which is the second from the free version.

One of the things you should keep in mind about the free version is the fact that you can’t make your world private.

So, if you wish your world to remain just as your personal wiki, you should definitely consider subscribing.

there are four “normal” subscription levels. As you get higher on these levels, you get more space and more, as well as some better features.

But from my experience, the free version works just fine, if you’re not worldbuilding on the platform constantly.

Then, there’s the Sage Tier, which basically allows you to monetize your World Anvil page.

This is something I’ve considered doing at some point, for it would be intriguing to focus on creating a vast worldbuilding wiki and actually get something from it!

One thing to keep in mind about all of these tiers is that you can buy a monthly subscription, three-month subscription, six-month subscription, or even a year subscription.

The prizes change as you choose the number of months you want to commit to the platform.

Click here to learn more about the subscriptions.

Conclusion About World Anvil

So, should you use World Anvil for your worldbuilding?

I’d say, definitely!

The amount of pros World Anvil offers is just too good to not use it!

It’s easy to add articles, to make your page look good, and the speed you can actually put your world together is just so breathtaking!

I’ve used it for almost three years now and I highly suggest you check it out today!

Hopefully, you found this article helpful and assuring you to check out World Anvil!

Have an inspired day and remember to follow my blog to never miss another article!

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