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This Is Where The Greatest Inspiration Comes From

We live around machines and technology. Our lives are busy and we’re under a constant barrage of notifications and stress. We rarely get to rest our senses, enjoy complete silence and detach ourselves from all the havoc and speed of the modern world.

This is a problem, especially for a writer. We want ideas, inspiration, but in order to get those and actually write them down, we need to feel refreshed and at peace.

Thus, just sitting in your writing room for months on end, just typing and typing, won’t give you progress, or if it will, it won’t last.

So, how and where do you find peace and inspiration?

From the forest.

Finland is about 74.2% forest, which is a lot when you think about it. No matter where you go, there’s always at least some form of woods around.

It’s our life source, our source of peace.

But it also serves as my source of inspiration.

I recently took a long walk with my dog in the middle of the forest. In Finland, we have these nature paths that have places to rest, watchtowers to see the views, and even places to make a fire at and have some lunch.

But the most valuable thing I found during my journey was the silence of nature.

The lack of notifications or music made me feel like I was being reborn. It felt like the wind was flowing through my brain, clearing it from the mess and negative thoughts.

It was a magical feeling and it was then when I understood the reason our greatest thinkers and writers often took walks in the woods.

Hearing the river stream under me as I crossed the bridge, listening as birds sang around me, and hearing the wind brush the trees filled me with such peace that I almost felt like I was visiting another reality, which I kind of did.

Walking in nature, without concrete streets and grey buildings and lights, is so much different from anything else we modern people are used to doing. It serves to remind us that we are still connected to nature and that it can still offer us something no technology can offer.

As I walked up the hill, whistling and looking around me at the endless snowdrifts made me think differently.

I was thinking outside the box.

I’m currently working on a new novel and I’ve had a problem with a plot point. I forced myself to think about it, to solve it, but it was only when I went for a walk that I saw the answer.

Nature slowed me down and cleared my mind from the darkness. Thus, I was able to see the solutions that were so clear that it made me laugh, but because I had been so stressed, I couldn’t see the most obvious things near me.

Admiring this beautiful view, watching the lakes dance with the shapes of the landscape, feeling the wind brushing my face… It all felt so exciting, yet peaceful at the same time.

Drinking a cup of coffee in this place felt like drinking from a fountain of eternal life.

In addition to feeling at peace and inspired, I felt happy and confident about myself. I went out and did something a bit unusual. I saw things I don’t see every day and I learned to appreciate the nature that surrounds me.

So next time you feel uninspired or stressed, go out for a walk. Go to the depths of the woods and find new places to admire and see. Take a bottle of coffee with you and just sit down to enjoy it, without posting an Instagram story about it.

The point of going into nature is to be in nature, so don’t ruin that chance by dragging social media with you.

Nature is the greatest source of inspiration and peace. I can’t even explain the power it can have in your life, especially your creative life, thus, you have to go out and feel it yourself.

My Dog, Roki, also enjoyed the trip

13 thoughts on “This Is Where The Greatest Inspiration Comes From

  1. Nature is an incredible place to be in. I’m very lucky to live in a place where modern life is boxed in by sea, forests, and mountains. I feel sad not being able to take those walks by the sea because of this pandemic, but I’m happy to hear that you are still able to enjoy what nature has to offer 🙂

    1. Nature is indeed a beautiful blessing. Hopefully the pandemic will calm down so you too can enjoy the nature.
      Be well and be safe, my friend!

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