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Benefits Of Writing Every Day

How much should you write in a year, month, week, or day to become a successful writer?

Though it’s true there’s no such thing as the right amount to write or even the right thing to write about, I do believe there’s something special about opening your laptop or typewriter every single day and writing something, no matter what.

I started my official author journey around two years ago. Back then, I was still figuring out the basic plot of The Battle of the Broken Mind and my writing schedule was basically none existent.

I was that writer who claimed to write but got crushed under the weight of self-doubt and fear. I wrote around 100 words a week, if at all. Seeing that number today makes me roll my eyes.

But during the summer of 2019, I rebuilt myself. I was working in Helsinki in a full-time job, which was exhausting and took a lot of energy from me. But at the same time, I wrote my book, every single day, no matter how exhausted I was from work.

During this time, I felt such power in my heart for being able to actually create something that I vowed to myself to never allow myself to fall into that pit of procrastination and fear.

And now, I want to tell you why you shouldn’t fall there either.

First of all, writing every day makes you more inspired!

The concept of inspiration isn’t what most think. Inspiration isn’t just a mystical force that comes when you need it the most. It’s a thing that must be earned and how do you earn inspiration as a writer?

By writing, of course!

According to Steven Pressfield, inspiration is something that comes to us when we actually sit down and start writing. When we push ourselves through the writer’s block and force us to start, the magical process of inspiration begins.

Words start flowing effortlessly, you’ll realize plot points you couldn’t see before, you’ll notice more details in your writing etc.

It’s a magical thing to feel and I can guarantee you that once you feel it once, you don’t want to go back to the old ways of waiting to be inspired.

Create your own inspiration by writing

Second of all, you’ll feel better about yourself.

This is a no brainer. Of course, you’ll feel better when you’ve actually done something.

To see your word count growing gives such happiness and motivation to continue on that I can’t even explain its power.

As you keep writing and adding to your word count, you’ll improve your ability to actually write well and see the possible problems.

Not to even mention the fact that you don’t have to go through that moment where you come back to your story and have no idea what’s going on.

And at last, you can actually call yourself a writer who writes

I was once a writer who had “author” in his bio when in truth, I had zero books published or finished. I wanted to be an author and feel that sense of accomplishment, without actually working for that title.

Writing every day is a great way to build that kind of professional attitude that keeps getting stronger and stronger as you keep going. After a few weeks or months, you don’t even want to stop writing because it has become such a natural thing to do for you.

When you write, you’re a writer. When you call yourself a writer but you don’t write, you’re a writer who doesn’t write.

Which one do you want to be?

So, how many hours should I write a day?

It depends.

I wouldn’t suggest you read a certain number from the internet or ask your friends. I think it doesn’t matter how long you sit down to write, I think what matters is the actual drive to sit down to write, pushing away all the other thoughts and committing yourself to the process.

We all have bad days. One day we might write 5k words, the other day around five, but as long as you write every single day, you’ve been victorious.

Writing every day doesn’t allow yourself to fall into the void of procrastination. You’ll be disciplined and committed on achieving your dreams and by working hard, you’ll achieve them!

This is my view on the subject and I hope you found value from it! I’ve been following this guide for many years now and it really has changed the way I look at creative work.

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