The story of “The battle of the broken mind” and the meaning behind it.

The story of the battle of the broken mind and the meaning behind it


It’s done. After seven months of intense writing and fighting against the writer’s block, my story is finally finished and is going through the editing process with high speed! I also have the cover coming up, which is incredibly exciting. It’s always amazing to see someone drawing characters you created in your head and with your words!

Because my book is soon published, I wanted to tell you a bit about the story and a couple of behind the scenes things, so you know what’s coming. 

1. The story

The story follows a young woman called Ava, who suffers from mental problems like grief, fear, and hatred. These things have been with her since she was ten years old, and they have slowly chained her, frozen her and making it impossible for her to enjoy her life.
Everything changes, though when she meets a man called Dc. Saul. Saul’s a therapist who promises to help Ava, but his help is something completely different from conventional therapy. He sends Ava into her mind, to a lucid dream kind of state, where she meets the Embodiments of her mental problems.
Grief, Fear, and Hatred all stand before her, and she has to pick up the sword and fight against them. She has to free herself so she could truly live her life. She has to free herself, so she could finally confess her feelings, to the man she loves.

2. A couple of words from me, the author

Mental problems like depression are real things and must be fought against. The process of freeing yourself from the cold grip of depression is not just a snap of the fingers. It’s a fight and a huge struggle but in the end its worth it. I wanted to comfort people with this story. I wanted to tell them that they can fight against their mental problems. That they can one day be free. That’s the heart of my story and I hope it can give hope to many. The story involves heavy symbolism and metaphoric parts, but I believe that even if you don’t catch those symbols, you can still enjoy the story like all others.

The story is also really personal. I took a lot of inspiration from my own life and some of the characters represent one part of me. I know what it’s like to swim in the dark depths, but I’ve channeled my pain into writing and I’m happy about it. Creative work cures and heals. Publishing a book has been a long time dream of mine and seeing it finally happen makes me feel so… amazed and touched.

I hope that many people find comfort in this story and feel good after reading it. I’ve now started my path as an author and I will never stop improving. I’m always open for feedback!

3. Call to action

To achieve the goals I mentioned earlier, I need your help. I’m asking you to share this post with your friends and family, especially those who you know are fighting against the darkness, so they could find my story and get the message I want to share with them. Follow my Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages to keep updated on the actual publishing process and to make sure you’re the first one to get your copy, of the Battle of the broken mind. I thank you all for reading this post and taking this journey with me and I hope we can all meet again on the pages of my book!